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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement surgery in Lucknow

The human body is designed in a very interesting and an innovative way. Every single action, even the slightest of the movement that we make is directed by some signals that come from the brain. But then, have you thought of what part of your body helps in giving it a defined appearance, and move?

Now, bones do aid in movement, but joints, along with tendons, muscles, cartilages and ligaments are the ones that actually aid in making the body stable, flexible and allow a range of motion. When these joints become weak and worn out, it can cause you pain and other possible problems, which you will have to address to your doctor immediately. In case of severe conditions you might require surgical assistance, which your doctor will guide you through.

Here’s a basic outline about the anatomy of joints to begin with.:

There are 206 bones and 360 joints in the human body and can be termed as functional junctions of the body. Joints aid in binding the skeleton and help the muscles move the bones which we see as movements. This is how we sit, talk, run and perform many other movable actions. There are four types of movable joints, and each of them has its own speciality. They are:

  • Hinge joints: Hinge joints include knee, ankles and the simpler ones are the fingers and toe joints.
  • Ball and socket joints: Shoulder and hip joints.
  • Pivot joints: These are joins that can rotate. They include the joint in the neck and between the radius and ulna.
  • Gliding joints: These joints meet at flat areas such as the wrist and the palms.

Of all the joints mentioned above there are a few major joints that provide a range of motion, and also play a significant role in important activities that we do on a regular basis. These are:

  • Shoulder joints
  • Hip joints
  • Elbow joints
  • Knee joints

These are major, yet the most easily affected joints of the body. While talking about the problems, there are many conditions that can make these joints become weak and worn out resulting in the need for medical assistance. In cases where the bones are affected to an extent that limits movements there comes the requirement of a ‘joint replacement surgery’.

What is a joint replacement surgery?:

A joint replacement surgery is a surgical treatment that involves elimination and replacement of the worn out or infected part of the bone, with an artificial joint that is designed to function like the natural joint. The need for a joint replacement surgery or a joint arthroplasty usually arises only when non surgical treatments such and medicines and physical therapy fail to provide pain relief.

Are you looking for a joint replacement surgery?

The first thing that you need to have is a clear picture about when you’re looking up for a joint replacement is whether you need it. Joints are an important part of your body, and getting it replaced with a prosthetic replacement is quite a bold step. It is hence important that you know if you really are in need to get it replaced. If your doctor confirms a severe damage or decay that will cause you restricted or no mobility, you can then take a call.

Listed here are the possible conditions that can lead to the requirement of a joint replacement surgery.

  • A trauma injury.
  • Severe arthritic conditions